MPS expecation

These threads make me laugh… you guys realize right that the passing conditions are non disclosed to the public? It’s not because some random guys on Reddit post a comment about an “ethics bump” that this is a truth. Ever heard of checking your sources before spreading false rumors? It is suspected that troublesome questions are removed so there is zero point in estimating what % of questions you got right.

Edit: @Shauncore: nice spot. in that case most of my comment above falls apart.

Literally the Head of Exam Development of the CFAI said on Reddit that the ethics bump exists.

just did an approximation. My results is about 77/120 or even less. OMG so afraid.

Mine is also approximately 76-77 / 120. Fingers crossed :slight_smile:

are your expectations adjusted for that unforgettable afternoon slaughte… i mean, session? it should be about 1-2% lower than the usual MPS range but i guess that’s just me…

At least 1% or 2%, given what I’ve read in this thread.

I just hope the MPS is not more than 65%, 78 correct answers or less. Anything more than that is concerning for me lol.

Based on this I can say:

In AM session, you can have max 2 incorrect in 8 topics, and per incorrect for each two remaining topics.

In PM session, you can have 2 incorrect in each topic, and in addition you have 4 allowed incorrect answers for the weakest topics.

In Total 78 correct choices out of 120, or 65.35%.

Fu** I’m being so paranoid.

Results are up, I crushed the exam, top 10% again!

With an excellent AM session and a nasty PM one, I imagine the MPS and overall candidate scores were quite low.