MPS expecation

I believe 65%. What do you think about it ?

I think that 65% is way too low… I was expecting something like at least 68%-69%

Last year was estimated to be around 65%. There is no real way to tell about this year until we see someone’s results around the MPS line.

Yeah it was about 66%. Here are results from a friend of mine who just barely passed

And here are the weights and scores of how I got that number. Might be a few points high/low on the scores, so let’s just say MPS was 64% at the lowest given how he was just barely over the line and some error built into the scores I used.

No less than 64%. That’s 43 questions you can answer incorrectly. Let’s hope they throw out some questions.

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I’m amazed by this passing score. This person scored over 70 in only two subjects, and did poorly on Econ, PM, and Quant. Gives me a lot of hope as I bombed AI. Didn’t have enough time to calculate half the questions, so I was forced to guess blindly. If I had enough time for AI, I think would pass without a problem.

Last year it is believed that the MPS was 79/120 or 66%. Given the fact that this year’s exam is thought to be harder, probably MPS would be (slightly) lower, e.g., 77-78/120.

I think a solid 75%-80% AM session with a poor 65% PM session should put me well above the MPS, but I am a bit nervous nonetheless :).

65% on the PM portion and you’re golden.

Yeah you’d probably be well over by 7-8 questions.

If 78 correct is the magic number (78/120 = 65%) then you could even have and 80% AM and 50% PM or 70% AM and 60% PM.

All of this of course irrespective of the ethics bump, which maybe you could get like a 63% and still make it.

Probably the ethics boost, right? Though I’m not sure there has ever been an answer on what constitutes a good ethics score that would give you the boost if you are close (is it 70%? 80%?), he got ~80% on ethics.

I think if you’re over 70% and are one percent from passing, they’ll bump you up. Just speculating here.

If someone’s Ethics score is over 70% and only need 1 more mark to pass, they might get an ethics bump. This is just my imagination though. No one can be 100% accurate about the details of the Ethics Bump.

Schweser’s student support said the MPS for 2018 was 70%. what do you guys think will it be higher or lower this year? I felt the AM session was difficult and PM session relatively easy. I just hope the MPS is not 70% this year and is below 66%. maybe then I have some probability to pass.

There is no way it was 70%. Look at the post I made above with the images. That person didn’t get a 70%.

As already mentioned many times in different threads, It was approximately 66% (79/120) for June 2018 CFA Level 2 exam. There were few candidates who scored approximately 78/120 but didn’t pass and there were some other candidates who scored approximately 79/120 and passed.

These lines represent percentile score. So it would be fair to take 0.9 as score in A&D only if you believe 100%iler scored perfect 1.0…and for other topics as well.

My guess is his actual score was even lower.

It cant be 70%…i scored more than 70% in 6 topics and ~10% in ethics…wtd avg was 69% and i passed.

He used approximation from the y-axis in order to get the score.

I passed the first two levels as a borderline pass and my experience tells me that 70% MPS is very rare. It should be between around 65-67% for sure. But ethics score should be more than 60%. Do not screw ethics section. It is very relevant to pass.