MPS this year for L3 is going to set higher compared to last year i think

For what its worth - level I and II pass rates seem very high

First question on AM was total garbage. I can safely say I’d only get credit because I wrote out the formula. The rest of the question? 0 points.

Other than that one and there was one other where I know I bombed, the rest weren’t too bad. PM was pretty straight forward save a couple of questions that I’m hoping were experimental and not counted towards the final score.

In any event, I’m 50/50. AM is just too much of a crap shoot and my handwriting is horrible (plus crossed out a lot and then re-circled).

do they really put experimental Qs on the PM?

65% AM

68% PM

Hope for a pass

Thats a pass

how are you able to grade your exam already?

it’s a conspiracy… but theory is also that after reviewing the data they remove questions that were statistically unfair/ confusing

Just a feeling, these were my worst mock scores and felt that the exam was a bit harder than the average mock

My guess for the MPS is mid 60s

71% sounds about right