MPS this year for L3 is going to set higher compared to last year i think

What do you guys think? Given that MPS is set taking into consideration the difficulty of the exam, and this year’s exam compared to last year IMO was easier… which leads me to believe the MPS this will be set higher and the Pass rate may be lower than last year…

If the exam easier, the people will score more, so we don’t know the final effect, no?!

crazy talk. this year’s exam was definitely harder. there was no AM gift that we had seen just about every year

lower MPS this year. look at how many struggled on PM this year. AM is always a bear

AM gift you say? how about the first question… LOL i agree some concepts tested were obscure yet easy if you had studied.

personally i found the PM much easier than AM

there are always some easy points… but 2017 AM had hard big “8 point questions”… MPS should not vary much year to year… maybe 63% including the “adjustments” (removing unfair questions)

Maybe, just maybe it was easier since it was your second time around?

nope first time :)… but did study my butt offf… even put in more hours than what i put in for L2… and i killed that exam however this year i have a feeling like I’m going to flunk due to CFAi adjustments and what not… I’m not a very lucky person so if i marginally fall below the MPS i won’t count on my luck to play in my favour and get me through the border.

yeah probably a difficult question that you got right was thrown out because of your bad luck

A few interesting dynamics at play this year - AM vs. PM (different flavor to this years mix as many say), coinciding with Ramadan (respect to those effected), backlog of band 9/10’s and changing curriculum - all that being said if I were to place a wager I’d go for MPS 62-64% with 54% of candidates passing. Above listed factors having little/no impact on MPS.

I think you just need to relax and think positively. If you feel like you killed the exam, you probably did. I don’t buy into the BS that people spew that say if you walk out thinking you killed the exam, you probably failed. You either know it or you dont. For level I and II, when I passed, I walked out knowing I passed. This year, not as much, but all this is to say that people should have some confidence in themselves and if they are prepared, they will probably perform well. Honestly, luck is what you have to resort to when you’re underprepared.

well to be honest after walking out of L2 exam i though i failed it… but that sentiment remained till i received the result and looked at my matrix… and in the hindsight it all made sense as i had realllly put in the time and effort and i know i made a lot of guesses.

However for L3 it was the other way around… after the AM i thought i could have done better if i had more time… but then after PM i felt like i did fairly good on the PM… but if anything my AM performance is going to dictate my end result.

That first question preach

99% of people on this forum secretly think they passed (we all know missing 2 AM questions is still passable) and would be surprised if they got a fail email. drop the facade already

dude get out of my head

Amen! Preach it my boy! Preach!


If what you said, that this year was easier than last year, is true then you should feel confident with your exam and just move on. No sense in dwelling on shoulda, coulda, would’ve. Also not sure why people seem to have such a hard time realizing this, but the AM and PM are equally weighted. Meaning a great PM could easily pull up a crappy AM.

But if you realllly want people to join the pity part and doom-and-gloom that haunts this site from the first of June through the first of August, by all means go ahead. I let myself get caught up in it last week, with the whole “tell, no-tell” issue, even posted in Level II forums after talking to a couple people who saw the same thing…however, I realized it was a completely idiotic way to spend my time and it also shows how toxic fretting about results and constantly monitoring this site can be for someone.

I agree with you my friend

My belief is that people who visit this site are far more likely to pass. The stress is waiting to see the passing grade. And the stress is also that maybe there is a very small chance that you did not pass. That leads to the crazy one-box, two-box string.

I admit to being in the same boat. Last year I did so poorly on the A.M. that I knew I would not pass. The waiting was much easier because there was no stress. There may have even been a little hope that a great P.M. would save me. This year is so much more difficult to wait. I put my chances of passing at 99.5%.