We only have a small sample size with the posts here…but am I the only one that thinks the MPS was no where near 70%? With some of the passing scores having below 50% in 4-5 areas I would put it around 65% or lower

It’s got to be lower than 65%. I would guess 58% tops. I had 5 topics below 50% and passed.

-Alternative Investments18–* -Corporate Finance36-*- -Derivatives36-*- -Economics18*-- -Equity Investments72-*- -Ethical & Professional Standards36-*- -Financial Reporting & Analysis72–* -Fixed Income Investments36*-- -Portfolio Management18*-- -Quantitative Methods18*-- This was a pass. I saw another pass from someone that failed Ethics, Equities, and FRA. If you assume a generous score of 80 for the >70, 69 for 50-70, and a 50 for the <50 then this would come out to be a 67. In reality it was probably more like a 64 or 65 so that would be the top end of the MPS. Time to go drink!!!