Let the speculation-fest begin, shall we?

No use speculating. Well if u wana kill time then it would be a nice way :stuck_out_tongue:

Precisely the point of this thread … I’m so tired of studying. I’ll kick it off: 64% is the number to beat.

I’ve read MPS for level ii is in the 57-63% range. i.e. 69 - 75 questions correct.

Going through past result threads, it seem like fra equity ethics outa these 2 should be in 70s hmm

I hope so! But I think it will be around 68%

Cant be 68% is kinda too high

Agreed. 68% is probably a more reasonable MPS assumption for L1.

in my opinion on difficult paper it can range from 59-62 , on normal on it will be around 63-66 % again depends on difficulty

Yeah would be around 65%.

Yeah would be around 65%.

for my confidence purposes can we just say it’s at 62% for sure?

70% and you are safe.