Mr macigian your assistance required

After borrowing in euros, Mehta should pay out CFs according to the euro rate right??? The cfai calculates the swap rate in dollars???
Which way is correct?

You do realize that I’m not a trained seal, yes?

Ummm I don’t understand what you really mean by that but I think you are kind of irked by my question. Your answers to other posts helped me a lot and since I was stuck on this question for some time I thought to just ask you here.
Apologies…(if needed)

Not your question; the title of your thread.

There’s a difference between requesting that I answer and requiring that I answer.

I have been schooled.
Though unintentional, it was faulty on my part.
I apologise.

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They claim to be calculating the correct answer (b) using the Euro yield curve.

I’m not sure that I’m seeing the problem that you are.