Anyone have thoughts on Merck? Was thinking of buying some although the damn thing keeps running up, doesn’t seem expensive from a P/E perspective, obviously major risks with the whole US healthcare overhaul potential, but should reap some good scale benefits with the Schering Plough acquisition, and 5%+ dividend is slick.

Hi xabat. The Mets are killin’ me, dude.

There was an article on Merck in this weekend’s Barron’s which may partly explain today’s bounce.

hey Todd, yeah, the Mets are a disgrace, getting swept at home vs. the Empire, pathetic. interesting TMurf since the stock was actually flat for the first half hour, then zoomed up, so thought it was something intra-day.

I miss biggchinnn. I need a pep talk from that dude - he was always so upbeat. Plus I’ll bet he’s seen The Hangover about 15 times already.