Thank you once again regards,

Hey dude Happy to hear u made it! I made it as well! Crazy CFA

cool so you now finally have more time for Mrs. Crazy CFA :slight_smile: lol btw wat are your plans now?

Went straight to my boss and told him I passed and then said he can be expecting equest for “THE MEETING”… he just smiled and nodded. Went to his secretary this morning and told her I need a meeting in the next two days. Basically gonna ask for a raise. Don’t want a bonus, would prefer an increase in salary. In the medium term i’m hoping to get into private equity so this qualification gives me the edge! Happy days! Wife is ecstatic… she was actually happier than me. I feel more relief than happiness at this point. Her birthday (March) and our wedding anniversary(April) can be celebrated properly the next time without me taking my books along to holidays or worrying about studying etc… And u? Whats the plans?

well i will be traveling for next four days (business meetings sucks) and then will be partying hard from Monday to celebrate me CFA success do u mind dropping me a mail : equityresearchnds at gmail dot com

I am happy that I was not totally useless well done and congrats!!

All I know is that I should have followed Mrs. Bambi’s advice & solved end-of-chapter problmes again instead of doing Schweser exams. So, I learned my lesson the hard way, but thanks for the advice again. It’s next year for me, then.

sorry to hear that abacus :frowning:

Mrs. Bambi: Those end-of-chapter questions helped me get through this time. Thanks.