MS and GS becoming bank holding companies

more regulations to come

So they will just open up their own little retail operations or what?

i will open a $5K checking account at goldman get paid -4% interest rate , get a $75k home mortgage with them at 22% ARM, open a credit card at 16% interest with a 4,000 balance yet knowing I am with the finest institution in the world… that’s where the bread and butter is in banking.

Another way Mr. Paulson shows his twin personality. Bottomline - He will do anything to help GS and screw everyone else.

Will they now be required to maintain similar capital ratios as other banks?

I am calling GS and MS and to get a CD rate quote

ws Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > I am calling GS and MS and to get a CD rate quote I just want to make sure that I get a toaster when I open my Platinum Checking account, not a free CDO.

what happens to GS stock Monday?

You would expect it to go up given they are now considered “safer”. At least that would be my expectation. I’ll go out on a limb and say there is a 50% chance it will go up.

more regulation, lower leverage => can also argue this is bearish news only positive is they get access to liquidity in ST. woop dee doo.

maybe this means I’ll get less $hit for being a commercial banker in the world of finance, since now it looks like all bankers will be ‘commercial bankers’, haha.

The catch is now that GS and MS can get cheap Fed lending. Why don’t they extend that to MER as well as it is not yet part of BoA? This shows Paulson’s true color. :stuck_out_tongue:

so what have aspiring investment bankers got to say?. there is clearly not going to be any kind of fancy bonuses in the years to come.what happens when all this starts directly affecting compensation directly in the weeks/months to come.? will there be more bailouts for 29yr olds driving maseratis bought on huge loans?

Can Goldman Bank run their hedge funds under GSAM?

hmmm interesting does this mean the large hedge funds will become the new boutique IB??

yeah - I think so Edge