MS Finance=sales job

Hi, is it true MS finance==sales job? Because I was looking through job ads and most of them wants people who know modelling. Thus, I conclude MFE is quite good for jobs search while MS finance is not that good as it covers a broad base but does not go in depth in anything. Anyway, for my targetted university, they only have one module for modelling. Initially, I wanted to do MS finance but now I have second thought. Additional info is that I pass my CFA L3 and the MS Finance I am targetting has syllabus that closely cover the CFA.

To be honest, I’m not sure what a Master’s in finance is for. It seems like you can replicate the material through CFA or maybe even undergraduate classes.

There’s been a lot of discussion recently about how CFA, Masters, maybe even CFA classes are just like upper division undergrad, and I think people are missing the point here about what a Master’s is about. You don’t necessarily learn that much new material. You learn how to use the old material effectively. You learn about what assumptions go into the stuff you were introduced to in undergrad. You learn how stuff fails. You learn some new stuff about what to do in those cases. And you’re expected to pick up the implications of different analytical techniques faster, with less hand-holding, and to be able to see farther with it. What you actually study is often the same stuff you saw in undergrad, with a few extra bells and whistles attached. I think of Undergrad/Masters/Doctorate education in terms of tool building. Undergraduate: You’ve seen the tools and how they are used. Master: You learn how to use the tools effectively yourself. Doctorate: You know the strengths and weaknesses of the tools (which often gets mistaken as arguments over semantics), and are capable of inventing new tools and knowing the strengths and limitations of those inventions. (Doctorates are also supposed to be capable of providing instruction to undergrads and masters). Now that there is CFA and MFE, and MBA. I’m not sure what the role of the MS Finance is. My sense is that it is 1) a holdover from times before MFE and the increase in popularity of CFA for financial types that didn’t do finance in undergrad and which bureaucratic inertia keeps around, and 2) a weigh station for those who want to do a Ph.D. in finance.