MS in Finance?

I have the opportunity to get a MS in Finance from a decent state university in 9 months (Sept 09-May 10) for 10k (in-state tuition). Assuming will have a MBA & CFA, is there value in getting the degree? Right now I’m not working and I don’t know how much the job market will pick up in the next few months. I figure the classes will offer added insight but oncampus recruiting opportunities (not sure how great they’ll be in this market)

Was your MBA “major” finance? If so, I think a MSF is overkill (especially with CFA), however you may look into a MS in Accounting or Statistics

I would only get it if your MBA is from a non top tier school and the MSF is from a brand name. No point in getting it if a) the MSF is from a worse school than the MBA or b) both schools are mediocre.

If you don’t mind me asking, what school are you talking about?

Is Indiana Univ online considered a top MSF program?

You’re at a top 15 MBA school. You’re at a good school.

So people rather an online school than a good (but not great) state school?

Out of curiosity, I’d like to modify this question: How does an MSF compare separately to either an MBA or a CFA? If you had to choose tier 1 MSF vs. tier 1 MBA, which would you go with? Does the answer change with tier 2+?

yankees98a Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > Is Indiana Univ online considered a top MSF > program? Speaking of IU MBA support group offered at IU April 20, 2009 At the IU Kelley School of Business instructors tell us these are historic times. A huge percentage of their Masters of Business Administration students are out of work.

I graduated with an MSF from TAMU and I am a Level 3 candidate. I believe the CFA alone (without a Master’s) is (marginally) less valuable than a relevant Master’s and the CFA.

If you had a MBA & CFA, would you still pursue a MS in Finance?

Sorry I don’t see why you would if you already had an MBA CFA. Time to go out an get a job

Business is about not being in school

Unless you plan to do a PhD, no point in MSc in Finance.

Even so if you had a good MBA then you should be able to step right into a PhD in finance. They might make you take a couple of qualifing courses.