MS subject choice (for new entrants)

Hello Everyone, I am SM Shihab Siddiqui from Bangladesh. I completed by BS and am almost done with MS in Economics. Currently I am working at a consultancy firm (will have only 1 year of work experience when I move to Canada) and will be seating for CFA (Chartered Financial Analyst) level I exam. I will be moving to Canada in coming mid 2015. I want to develop my career in consultancy / research / investment in Canada. My question is which MS degree is more employable in Canada (CONSIDERING MY BACKGROUND)? A) MS in Economics B) MS in Finance C) MS in Quantitative Finance D) MBA (those designed for new entrants)

KrazyKanucks, where are you?

im not sure…but my question is…if the answer is B,C,or D are you going to start all over?

Honestly, you probably won’t be working in those fields in Canada. There are hundreds of more qualifed locals ahead of you in every competition.

Boy am I glad i’m not from your country, doing 2 masters and then CFA does not sound like fun.

I say this with your best intentions in mind. Disregard at your own risk.

Don’t bother doing a masters in Bangladesh. In fact dont’ come to Canada expecting to work in the field of your choice. All that education you gain there will be disregarded in Canada.

You will not work in any of those fields unless you have a relative or friend in high places to get you in. Don’t expect to realize any monetary dreams or goals here. The system is hard enough to break into for locals nevermind foreigners who have no ‘Canadian experience’ and non Canadian education.

Sad but true you will probably come here anyways and give it a shot, and you’ll be in the company of many foreign professionals who have failed to break into the system and must be content under-employment. Not just underemployment, but gross underemployment.

One common anecdote for people who come from your region - “PhD’s driving taxis.”

Lots of PhDs driving taxis. And the guy that changed my account details on my mortgage was a PhD finance guy from South Asia. Felt bad, he even displayed his certificate up in the local branch office. Even worse, he actually was a bright guy. Its not to say you’ll be unemployed, but those degrees have no value here. I see stacks of such resumes all the time and they get tossed. I hope you’ve got a buddy or relative to get you into a shop. And I hope you’re coming to Alberta or Saskatchewan because the job market outside of these places is horrendous for anyone not already established. Just be ready for -40C winters… Good luck. I honestly hope you break in here, but its a huge long shot. I hope my kid plays in the NHL too.

Oh and the MS degrees aren’t worth much in Canada. Designations reign supreme here. Honestly if you were a Charterholder (that does NOT mean Level 3 passed) than I would give you some odds of marginal success, likely in a corporate doing FP&A. I’ve seen that before. But it requires a designation that is recognized here or is transferable to a local qualification. Because then your experience is legit. Otherwise its not worth anything. If you had your Charter or were a CA, you’d be 100x more employable.

It wouldn’t be wise to study somewhere else for the sole purpose of getting hired here. If you really want to do a masters, do it in Canada. At least employers will have a clue of where you studied and you will get to benefit from an alumni and contacts.