MS-Telecom+CFA+WorkEx as Prog- Plz advice where do I fit?

Hello there, I am a graduate student doing MS in Telecom Management. While taking courses from Business School, got interested in Finance and appeared in CFA examinations (failed level 2-Band 8). Considering situation in financial market and my status as International student I am thinking of career in financial IT market or as Analyst (Not limited to). Can you guys please suggest skills like Java or other programming language or ANYTHING ELSE which I should learn so that I can use my knowledge of finance and still get a job? I will graduate next year and hopefully will pass CFA-2 by that time, in meantime thinking of developing skills that would make me more employable. Guys, just go on and write whatever you feel. Your view will help me tremendously. Regards Prabhash

I dont know any desis that are having a hard time finding jobs in finance IT: you cats are golden right now!

I agree with Daj. SQL or database programs are $.

you might have to settle for a contract position initially - NY, NJ, CT are good places to look

daj – are you a desi too?

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I still feel daj is a desi. Well, let’s wait for the NYC AForum party invitation :wink:

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OMG This is not the subject I was talking about :slight_smile: Guys, please give some advice in this thread. We can always form a Desi thread anytime :wink:

According to my profile of Daj, he is desi… (I have Indian friends so I think I know what it means)