Msc choice and dissertation question!

Hello guys, As I am aware many of you have strong business education, I would like to receive some thoughts on the following questions. 1. I have to choose between Msc Finance & Investments from Rotterdam school of management (with concentration in either Corp. Finance or Investments or both) and Msc in Quantitative Finance from Erasmus shcool of economics. I work for a small M&A boutique I want to break into a bulge bracket IB. I want some advice which of the above qualifications is more valued by IBs especially for more of an entry level position with no significant prior experience. I love corporate finance but I have the impression that quant. finance specialists are highly sought by IBs. and my 2nd question I have submitted my dissertation topic but have not yet elaborated upon. It’s private wealth management and I have to further specify what exactly I am going to write about. The thing is, when I was deciding on the topic, it appeared to me that PWM is a huge field with many opportunities to explore and analyse. However, I realize now that I do not know what specific topic within PWM to target. It is 99% asset/portfoio management but what I write has to be somehow related to PWM. And this is the problem. I can’t think of anything significant PWM-related that will provide enough material for writing 10k words. To make things even worse, there aren’t many books on PWM. I was thinking to focus on how psychological make up determines the desired portfolio management process, return objectives, risk preferences etc. I am getting more and more desparate and may have to consider changing my topic. Any ideas ? Pls elaborate a bit. Anything would be highly apprciated.