MSc (fin) vs. CFA

i have seen lot of debate of MBA vs. CFA but how about Msc (fin) vs. CFA? MSc is, at the end, a good finance degree in which you get to learn about financial modelling which CFA clearly lacks… Also, how about someone who wants to pursue corporate finance advisory, or commercial banking…CFA becomes 50% irrelevant even though it is a prestigous charter in finance world…so isnt Msc (fin) a better choice for them? I seriously dont understand why MSc is not as popular as MBA…MBA is basically for people who dont have business background or undecided about their career or switching their career…whereas MSc is more specialised… Would like to know what you all say…

I propose a moratorium on answering all such questions. Getting an M.Sc. is great. Getting an MBA is great. Getting a CFA is great. This stuff is so tired.

hmm…still anyone want to contribute?