Hi all, I got my undergrad degree in Finance and I 'm now a grad student of MSF. I passed CFA level 1 last year and preparing for level 2 now. I am a student with on finance-related work experience at all. So which combo is better if I wanna start my career as an financial analyst in ER or fund, “MSCF(MS in Computational Finance)+CFA L2” or" MSF(MS in Finance)+CFA L2"? MSCF program contains courses like C++, Time Series Analysis,Numerical Analysis,Monte Carlo Simulations and some finance courses. Thanks~

MSCF sounds good if you wanna be a Quant analyst …

Depends. MSCF if both will be at both schools. MSF if the school is better than the one with MSCF.

MSF or MSCF with internship experience…you can always get the CFA exams later.