Anybody know where i can find the following info for MSCI EAFE index as of Sept. 30 EPS 5 yr growth 1 yr ROE Debt/Equity Ratio # of holdings All of the above as of sept.30 2008 . Bloomberg does not seem to provide backdated info . or maybe it does and I just haven’t figured out how to pull it up . Any suggestions ?

hmm why didnt I think of that … Oh wait I did and could not find the info. I was looking for which is why I posted the question . If you happened to find the specific information I was looking for please post the link .

rudeboi, what kind of J-asss are you? the guy tries to help you and you give a sarcastic response. and no, i don’t think the MSCI website should be obvious to anyone. just read your response. you are WAY out of line.