Opinions from people who have either? What would you consider the pros and cons to each, especially in the current market and going forward. From what I’m seeing, it seems that many firms still prefer the MBA to the MSF, even for security analysis. Wouldn’t the foot-wide-mile-deep MSF be superior to the mile-wide-foot-deep MBA for something like this? I’m a recent graduate with a b.s.b.a. in finance and am just taking any and all steps possible to better myself and hopefully give me an additional leg up when firms begin hiring again down the road. I take my GMAT soon as well as the level 1 in December, so I’m doing any research I can on various graduate programs in hopes of starting one in the fall of '09. All comments are appreciated.

hedge yr bets, do MBA. if u career change, MBA will give u more bang 4 buck

Sadly, I agree with Daj. I hold both degrees… Definitely get more out of the MBA… but I think it is mainly due to the newness of the MSF degree. Got my MSF first, and then the MBA. Thank got I am finally done with the CFA too. Now I can stay away from textbooks.

If you use the search function, there are some interesting posts on this, especially the BC MSF program. I am considering applying to MA Econ, MSF, and tradtional MBA programs. They all have pluses and minuses. As I see it, the biggest plus about an MSF program is the time requirement - most MSF programs are 9 months to a year in duration, making them cheaper than an MBA as well as lowering the opportunity cost. Kimmer09, if you don’t mind my asking, where did you do the MBA/MSF? Could you comment on the quality of the MSF program?

The MSF is a specialist degree, the MBA is a general business degree. You can always go for the MBA in Finance and then come back to the MSF later.

I am in a MSA (masters in security analysis) program and have taken MBA Fin electives and they are a joke. The MSA program is very good if you want to deal specifically with Investments and Portfolio Management. If you are looking to be in corp management then MBA would be ideal. More and more people are looking for more specialized degrees and skill sets. Thats what I have encountered anyways.

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