How do you guys compare an MSF vs. an MBA in terms of earning potential. Obviously an Ivy league MBA is top notch but what about an MBA from a middle tier school compared to and MSF from middle tier school? I personally think an MSF speaks more about one’s quantitative skills which in turn should yield a better business/finance person. What do you guys think?

When employers hire MSF they are looking for more analytical skills than the typical MBA. MSF candidates have a very focused curriculum in finance, while MBAs tend to have a very general business curriculum. I am sure you know all about this already. There aren’t that many MSF programs and I am not sure which ones you are referring to by middle tier. I am assuming ones other than MIT, Princeton, and top European schools? An MSF from a so-so school can still potentially place you into a good job, depending on what your skill set is. If you have the CFA charter, non-overlapping finance knowledge from an MSF would be helpful for placement into a decent asset management role. If you are doing an MSF that seems like a prep-course for the CFA, then it doesn’t add that much value.

@Palacio; In terms of earning potential, on average, a MBA for a middle level school has a higher level of earning compared to a MSF. For example, look at Vanderbilt MBA vs MSF. But part of the reason for this is because an MBA is usually obtained by someone that is mature in their career compared to the average person with an MSF who is mid stream in their career.