MSNBC's Chris Matthews faces calls to resign after comparing Sanders' Nevada victory to Nazi Germany's defeat of France

Is there a Bernie thread? Anyways…

President Trump was right, the fake news is the ENEMY OF THE PEOPLE.

Bernie bros, are you going to take that shit lying down? Libs who don’t support Bernie, you going to let them talk about the outcome of one of your elections like that?

This belongs in the Comrade Sanders thread. I don’t like watching a political party disintegrate in front of our eyes. Really. plenty of room for all you moderate Democrats and independents in the party of trump. The party of love and goodwill from a place of wisdom and sovereignty. It’s a beautiful world ahead!

meanwhile: msnbc: Bernie winning Nevada? it must be them Russians!

this is a strange world where Trump - of all people - is actually defending Bernie Sanders against the allegation of supposed Russian interference to help his campaign.

im not sure about Bernies economic policies, but the comparison with Nazism is distasteful. the author should be ashamed of themselves.

So the water cooler has become a circle jerk between Turd, HP, and Black Swan (or one of his half dozen alts?). Nice.

BS is the only sane one of the bunch. I think the others are just chat bots. Probably need to throw frankybarnes into the mix. I’d say PA too, but he has been oddly quiet ever since Corona broke out…

I’d say no homo, but given 2/3 of those guys, I cannot.

^lol. pa’s been gone for a good minute, long before corona though.

Can’t we all just get along? We’re adults ya? Gotta figure it’s kinda stupid to actually get mad over something you saw said on the internet.

I’m just minding my own business.

I exist because they exist, in eternal opposition. Light, dark. Fear, courage. Cold, warmth. Female, male. It is yourself … both and one. A shadow on snow.

Dude, let me come work for you.

Lol! Fair enough.

As usual.

Me too

I am here to provide balance to the force. Without it, that batter would be plastered all over the walls with full retard socialist propaganda from the likes of franky, fris, et al.

But what is evil anyway? Is there reason to the rhyme? Without evil, there could be no good So it must be good to be evil sometimes

Abruptly retired, another one bites the dust.