I’m going to give you a little advice. There’s a force in the universe that makes things happen. And all you have to do is get in touch with it, stop thinking, let things happen, and be the ball. -Ty Webb 4 weeks left only? Doodie! Let’s have a great weekend people.

Holy FCUK! only 4 weeks left… I was a baller at this time for L2. And I yet have to get done with some of the readings at L3.

Great quote banni. Taking my first practice test this weekend - Let’s do this!!

I am in. Test + GIPS + IPS scheduled for this week

i believe it

for me- review SS9-12 saturday, take a practice test sunday, prob the CFAI 2007. I still need to stick GIPS and ETHICS in somewhere. maybe tonight I’ll crack those as I fall asleep.

No way you can stay awake more than a few pages of either GIPS or Ethics in the evening.

bbq and drinks etc. this evening. reviewing schweser book 2 and 3 by tomorrow. start solving CFAI EOCs and skimming old essays.

sample exam 1 or 2 (whichever one doesn’t have gips) finish reading gips schweser exam 3 2008 AM review all the stuff i f’ed up in the aforementioned items. make fun of level 1 forum posters to make myself feel better sunday night.

i cant wait for this to be over… taking practice exams this weekend, detailed review of exams and maybe GIPS.

Yep, it’s possible for each of us that we’ll only spend 4 more weekends studying CFA materials for the rest of our lives! Don’t let up this last month! I am going to have zero drinks tonight, not even a beer relaxing on the couch at home, and get up early and get going. Debating on whether I should do a full or just an AM exam tomorrow morning…

I’m all over the practice exams this weekend. We are SO CLOSE!

GIPS and Tests

Just got smoked on CFA sample 1. probably not a good idea to do it hungover. ughhh wake-up call.

how did you do Jut

just took the 2007 AM exam, hard to know exactly how I did, but I tried to not give myself the benefit of the doubt in grading and came up wit a 68%. More than anything, I was happy that there wasn’t anything where I was like “wow never seen that before!” Though I drew a complete blank on a few like Golder Kroner.

53 havent read Asset mgr code, so that didnt help. drew total blanks on some simple stuff. more review is needed pronto.

jut111 Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > 53 > > havent read Asset mgr code, so that didnt help. > drew total blanks on some simple stuff. more > review is needed pronto. You will be fine homie. Just keep plugging in…

completed GIPS, Stalla Tests (scored 75% on average - only PMs) and Fixed Income readings. I couldn’t finish as much as I would have liked though. Fun will continue tomorrow…