MTM Suits

Anyone here tried Indochino, Suitsupply or the like? Do they suck or are they worth it for a relativley inexpensive MTM suit?

Someone I recently met uses His shirts seemed like good quality, not sure if he’s used the suits though.

my brother and brother in law use modern tailor:

you can send in an item that you like and ask them to create the exact measurements in any material you like, or you can take the measurements yourself and submit them online

by MTM suits, i thought you were talking about marked-to-market lawsuits. weak.

I have tried and Blandlabel, CQ seems good for custom fit shirts

I thought it was Male-to-Male suits. Eeeeeew

I’ve tried Indo and Suit Supply. I think they are good for the price. If you are very picky about construction, materials, etc. then no. But then again if you were concerned about those things you wouldn’t be dabbling with MTM. I was completely satisfied with both of their suits, I still wear them even though I have far better ones now.