MU - Micron Technologies

Any idea have any opinions on this bad boy?

Need somebody to smack some sense into me and tell me whether its time to bail or double down (yet again)

Its is approaching its 52 week low (9.31) today.

the bottom of cycle has to be nearing. MU now trades at 0.7x P/BV versus typical trough level of 0.5x. Samsung is no longer flooding the market with memory which should be good for prices/margins, though they could restart whenever they like and this is always a risk. it’s partnership with intel (XPoint) should start to show up in revenue/earnings in the next year or so and drive growth in a segment with little competition.

i think MU has a very good chance of doubling in the next 12-24 months. it wouldn’t be stretch to say many PE firms and larger competitors are probably taking a look at MU as i type.