Multinational EOC Question #2

Why current and not temporal? I chose A.

I thought gross profit (numerator) would be a mixed rate and therefore higher than the average rate used in current method.

“B is correct. Ruiz expects the EUR to appreciate against the UAH and expects some inflation in the Ukraine. In an inflationary environment, FIFO will generate a higher gross profit than weighted-average cost. For either inventory choice, the current rate method will give higher gross profit to the parent company if the subsidiary’s currency is depreciating. Thus, using FIFO and translating using the current rate method will generate a higher gross profit for the parent company, Eurexim SA, than any other combination of choices.”

The local currency is depreciating. COGS under the temporal method is calculated at historical values, thus it will be higher when converted to EUR and your gross profit lower.

Maybe I should learn what gross profit margin is I hate myself

Edit- thanks for the explanation