multinational oper

co A has Jap sub started operations 1 jan 20x0 exch. yen per dollar 31 Dec 20x0 yen 100 1 jan 20x0 125 weighted average 111 b/s (000s) cash 180 A/R 70 invent 50 FA 450 A/C payable 100 debt 390 capital 110 R/E 150 sales500 cos 200 dep 20 interest 30 tax 100 using temporal A will report a, 650 loss on income statem b. 650 loss on B/S c.370 gain B/S would they really expect us to go through the detailed calcuation to get the 650. it appaers too much time for 1 mark.

in this case you do not need to calculate temporal on income statement. other two choices say Balance sheet, so ignore.

where is this from?

from Stall lecture notes