Multiple LOS - Questions

Does anyone know of any questions that bring together multiple LOS into one? I feel like this is going to happen alot on the exam and I want to try to link up major topics before hand I know that QBANK doesn’t really do it and I am not sure if Book 6/7 will do it either. I have not done the CFA questins yet, so I’m not sure about those Any input would be great!!

for the most part no, they are one by one- ethics is ethics, quant is quant, etc. they last year though, for example, had only 1 item set on quant and the 1st question looked at some regression equation showing something like interest rates and inflation and asked if this described PPP, international fischer, etc… an econ question in the quant item set. there’s a ton of overlap in PM, equity, econ, quant, FSA… i would say expect a question here and there that blurs the boundaries, but for the most part they stick to the category at hand when they hit you with the item set.

Bannis sums it up. Example could be something in Fixed Income. Mixing up Quant and FI. For instance having to calculate Yield Estimation and Standard Deviation or forecasting Yield Volatility. Although it is covered in Fixed income it relies on your Quant knowledge as well. Foreign exchange concepts initially covered in Econ can be used in a bunch of different Study Sessions. Derivatives, FSA, Port Managment.

Have you tried the sample exams? I’m reviewing a little in the books and will do my first one in the next few days. Its supposed to be the same difficulty of the actual exam so I’m hoping to see some combination questions. Off the top of my head I know that there is some overlap with FSA and Equity when it comes to the adjustments for the residual income model and some other areas such as the fact nonmonetary items are at cost under high inflation.

Ya, thank for the input. i have not done the samples and I really don’t plan on doing them until May 1.