Multiple Questions same item set - am session

Hi guys,

just wanted to have your opinion on the am session when one item set spans over more than one question. For example, question 1 introduces the indivudal investor and his objectives. You have 3 subquestions on this (A, B, C) and then you move on to question 2 which is also in the continuity of question 1. Can you refer in question 2 to statements made in the text of question 1? Can your justifications be based on statements from question 1?

Let me know how you tackles those multiple following questions!

No each question is independent however when you move to next question it might be when circumstances changes, or after 10 years when setting IPS so you dont have to refer to previous questions

I have seen some questions were their situation did not change and they were discussing more behavioral issues in the first question and then in question 2 moving on to IPS questions. That’s why I got confused because they justified question 2 with items from the text of question 1… Might be more the case with prep providers whereas the CFA make the questions clearly independent…

cfai older exams too have those types of questions. Not sure if they are slowly changing around to making questions more independent. but be prepared for anything.

great thanks!

I’ve just done one of them in Kaplan 2015 mocks, 3 sets of questions about 1 static scenario. Really threw me, lost a bunch of time and lots of marks. It’s annoying and confusing, as you don’t know whether to refer to data from the first question. In this case, it was impossible to answer without datat from the first question, which I suppose is a good maxim for the exam.

I hope they don’t do that though, I don’t want to be turning back several ages looking for information that i’m not sure is necessary.