Multiple R

In the CFAI quant topic test - Garfield, the ANOVA table lists Multiple R of 0.737399823 and R-squared of 0.543758499. What’s the difference between multiple R and R-squared? I thought they were the same thing (amount of variation in the dependent variable explained by the independent variables).

Multiple R is the correlation coefficient among independent variables and R squared expresses what percentage of dependent variable is explained by independent variables.

^ not correct. Multiple r is the correlation of the actual & predicted values i.e. it is letting you know if there is a linear relationship between the independent and dependant variables.

You would look for correlation amongst the independent variables how the text explains for multicollinearity - you would either run a seperate correlation on them or you would notice a high r & r^2 and high F statistic, but low t values for the individual independent variables

Is this correct? I’m trusting you yayyyywork.

That is indeed correct, multiple r is the correlation, r^2 tells you how much of the data is explained by the model. Good luck!