Mumu needs a saviour....

I need to get serious… I have started…but have a grand total of 10 hours under my belt I think…^*&^% that’s terrible… but I’m just not feeling it quite yet…I’m very confused about whether to use the CFAI books or the Schweser…got through L2 with 80% Sch and 20% CFAI…don’t think that’s going to work… have started with both books for behavioural finance…but this isn’t going to work for all 18 study sessions!!! I have no strategy this year… ughh… mwvt, maratikus, black swan, all others from the ole L2 gang…help!!

I think a mix of 80% schweser and 20% CFAI will be sufficient. Just make sure to supplement with ALL of the end of chapter questions in the CFAI books and as many essay exams as you can take. And of course all of us here at AF. You got it mumu, just start plugging along and you will get there.

mumu I have done total of 3hrs so far…you will be fine still 4 full months left

There are a lot of us who are just starting mumu … things should look better as we chug along…

Mumu… I’m pretty darn sure that you are still ahead of the majority of Level III candidates (even ahead of the majority of L III candidates who are going to pass!). This is one thing I don’t like about AF – it definitely puts the pressure on early because those who get out ahead of the pack are much more likely to post (like me this year), which can be really discouraging to those who start later (like me last year). I laid off AF for a month or two last year because of this. Anyway, I agree that the way to probably go at this point is the pretty common “Schweser Plus” strategy. The end-of-chapter questions should give you enough material from the CFAI text to keep you on top of whatever Schweser is a little light on. I also think that this time around it is actually helpful to read and focus on the LOS – I didn’t do this too much in previous years, but it has already helped me to sort out some of the wheat from the chaff in the texts. Take it easy. We all still have four whole months to go and we’re all doing just fine.

You can do it!!! (maybe I should take my own advice). Once you get into the routine it becomes easier. This is the last step in this process. My primary motivation is to never crack open a CFAI book ever again in my life (well that may not be possible but at least never to study it - referencing it is acceptable). Its time to make the final sacrifice so make it count. Good luck

Dude, chill out! Level III is the easiest level, or so they say…

i’m not a dude…

famosa Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > Dude, chill out! Level III is the easiest level, > or so they say… You may need to “unchill” if you think L3 is the easiest level. ; )

mumu, You are going to be good. Map out your strategy. That will give you something to hold yourself to. You know what to do from there. You got this far. AF will be here to help.

mumu - right there with you! Started yesterday, scanned all the books and am definitely not discouraged. We’ll be fine with 4 months to go. I find the motivation increases as the time passes, so there was no point in forcing counter-productive studying early on. I’m going with 90% Schweser+ strategy. CFAI texts only for Ethics, GIPS and areas that I struggle with and need more depth…and of course end of chapter questions (later on). Worked well for L1 and L2, so definitely not changing strategy. I would suggest that you do what has worked for you in the past. Everyone learns differently.

mumukada, use whatever materials you find helpful. I decided to use CFAI materials because I enjoy their readings. Schweser is probably good too. nice to have you back!

Let’s do this mumu, we’ve got this! Plus there are time saving measures you can take depending on how far you’re behind the game. As I fall behind I begin: Ignoring phonecalls. I start with one-two per night, and gradually increase my antisocialism, eventually your friends will stop calling. Next I will begin: 2) Faking injuries; my sports team’s will get used to not having me around once it becomes apparent I’m easier to injure than an italian soccer player in the box. See:

Hi mumu, aka best name on forum!! Remember most people on this forum are total keeners so pay no attention to the people that have are on their second round etc. I started studying about 4 months before every exam and did fine so I know you will too!

^^ thanks janet! and all you guys…plyon, marat, mwvt, doworkson, bhill… i could really use some of these encouraging words…! finally got a kick start today…it’s the weekend here in dubai…so put in about 5-6 hours since this morning… need to get to bed now…will continue the ride tomorrow…

mumu…long time! How’s the heat in Dubai treating you?

Mumu buckup! You don’t want me and you to be studying L3 together next year.

cfaboston28 Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > mumu…long time! > > How’s the heat in Dubai treating you? heat in dubai? what you talking about…we’re having one of the nicest winters ever!!!

I like this thread because I love all of you… Not in that squishy romantic sense (yech), but in the sense that you all helped me get through L2 in one piece and now I’ve got you all here for L3 (still miss Dinesh). I hope we can all move on together with our charters in hand soon even though it will be sad to leave all this joy and pain behind! BTW Mumu, I’m having a tough go of it here as well. I’m hoping the fire gets lit soon.

I miss you all too :frowning: Regards, d.s