mumukada- what are your subjects this weekend?

hello mumu, I shall be working on financial statements and the question bank. It is going to be a brutal weekend!!! I have to include some Questions from SS 12 as well if I have any time left which I doubt…

Mumukada, How mant times are you going for Sheesha this weekend?

Mumu is all occupied with Derivatives this week. I will be starting Asset Valuation on Saturday (keeping it light for the night today).

awwww…seeing my name on the front page brought a bigA$$ smile on my face…haha wonder - I’m done with FSA - almost 3-4 weeks ago I think…qbank didn’t really kill me …although I thought it would… cfaboston - are you spying on me??? dinesh…good morning…to you and he’s right…been doing derivs for 2 days now…and started feeling a sudden gush of loveee towards it…dunno why…hit my forwards and futures revision real hard…and scored super scores on mini exams on the qbank…so felt on top of the world… just revised options…and my ego has been buried again…

Now soon will bring a nice picture of you mumu…hhahhaa what do you think dinesh? anyways FSA is the love of my life!!!

Dunno about mumu but I have shared a very photogenic pic of mine If anybody is interested?

Hey is this a Mensa meeting?

now that you’re in it pinkman…yes it is !!