Mumu's Season Finale !!

So I’m finally done (not really) but tonight is the last night…that I abondon my family yet again to go running back to mr.schweser…but no more… I leave for Abu Dhabi tomm, and will probably not get a chance to come online… I usually don’t get on the forum much after the exam…hate post-exam discussions… If all goes well, I will be back on August 18th! So here’s wishing all of you …not luck…just the best… Several of you already deserve to have those three beloved letters after your name - yes , you know who you are… For me, it will still be a slight fight. One way or the other, I’m gonna do my best and show them what I got! See you on the other side! *gulp!!*

take care mumu. you are going to do well.

ur gonna do great mumu!

Mumu, go write an awesome exam and go claim your charter

tear it up mumu!

Score well, mumu!

Make us proud, mumu!

best to you mumu!

You’ll nail it mumu