Muni/Corp Bond Screener

Guys, I’ve been tasked with building several large muni & corporate bond ladders for a few clients. Our current platform is rather limited in its functionality so I have to manually hunt around to find any decent issues to purchase. Do you guys know of any standalone platforms that allow you to enter in your issue criteria (face minimum, state specific, rev/go, ytm min, coup min, maturity, rating, etc…) and then be notified once an issue that passes all of your filters becomes available?? Otherwise I have to scan and filter the available inventory several times per day and it’s becoming rather inefficient.

Hey Chuck, I work at a muni-bond firm. I think the best platform for wht your looking for is it allows you to filter ur searches and you can save your searches as well. They are fairly easy to use and they clear through Merrill Lynch.

This doesn’t answer your question, but have you looked into Guggenheim’s bulletshares for ladders?