Traveling next week - 4-5 days in each area - thoughts from folks on any must see sites or things to do in the area? Thanks

oktoberfest in Munich

pupdawg82 Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > oktoberfest in Munich Make sure you get some lederhosen.

oktoberfest long over by then - unfortunately Kinda a misnomer btw since Oktoberfest actually starts in September every year

There was discussion about visiting both of these cities awhile back:,1053211,page=1

are you single?

itstoohot Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > are you single? No beating around the bush with you.

^LOL actually i was gonna give him some good advice, as a friend you know.

Prague is pretty cool. Full of tourists though even around october. Just wonder around the old city, charles bridge, and then get pissed at night, the beer is cheap.

Yes single Thx steph96 for posting the link

Man…I am jealous…Prague…hot chicks with last names ending in “ova” and great beer…make sure you try the original Budweiser family beer…I think I posted a link to a NYT article on a beer tour in that other thread…

Ah prague is brilliant - stay away from the station though *shudder*

HB (Hoch Brauerie?) in Munich. Grab a big beer (a Mass), a big pretzel, sit on a table, watch the waitresses go by in their dirndels (traditional dress, you know the one), make friends with people from around the world. If you nip into Zurich, couple of hours away, you will be in time for their mini-Ocktoberfest. Less people, same outcome.

You will love both cities, I had a great time in each place. One bar we found in Prague that will really give you a local flavor is called Zly Casy. There is a good pizza place across the street as well if you grow tired of local fare. Also went to a great jazz club called Reduta if you are into that sort of thing. The best meal we had in Prague was at a restaurant called Mozaika (a little pricey, but a great place to have a nice meal). Didn’t enjoy the Hofbrauhaus as much in Munich, the place across the street was more my style (not as loud/touristy). But, you still HAVE to at least walk through and have a beer like Muddahudda suggested. Didn’t seek out any great restaurants while in Munich, though–mostly ate brats and pretzels! Both cities were great places to relax and enjoy a beer while people watching. There are also plenty of sites to see (Prague had the edge on sites, imho). Safe travels!