Music to get you through the hours

I’m not sure about you guys, but I need some music in the background to get me through the 300+ hrs. I’m curious to hear what you all are listening to…if at all. Please post your favs, I could use some new stuff.

Reco - Journey’s End, Blackmill

Progressive house! This is a great channel on youtube that has numerous great hourlong playlists…great studying music


it’s not easy being green

No music. failed level 1 listening to music/pandora.

I enjoy the peace and silence of myself thinking/learning.

My friend made a “Epic Battle Mix #2” CD for me years ago that ended up on my computer. I hated it then but love it now. It’s about 20 songs of nothing but instrumental music from “battle” scenes from movies, it actually keeps me awake/fused but doesn’t fill my head with random words and lyrics.

I’ve listened to the Gladiator soundtrack probably 500+ times in my studies.

Cant read and listen to music, but when working through EOC problems will put on some widespread panic.


Mendelssohn’s violin concerto in E minor opus #64, apparently.

At least, accoding to post #14 this thread: