Out of curiosity do you peeps have the ipod on and listen to music while you study? I need to but may not be the best strategy. Anyway, if you do listen, what are you listeniing to? I personally need to listen to the same artists incessantly or it is a distraction. I’ve been on this elliot smith kick but its really depressing me. Supposedly some music is patterned to brain waves and is good for retention…need to find out what music that is.

Bach, Mozart Anything without words

You should listen to Grinold, Kroner

or Singer-Terhar

I like Singer-Terher too, very international and they really have developed a nice equilibrium in their style. Black-Litterman are international too but they just sample from the broader music scene, which results in a more eclectic/diversified style but is seems they have no voice of their own as they just reflect global popularity as given.

XM ‘Chill’ station online…