Muslim woman returns from Syria/ISIS and gets 6 yrs: vulnerable victim or terrorist?

Synopsis: A 26y/o woman takes her baby to Syria to practice her faith then decides to come back to the UK after realising it’s not all that she imagined. She was jailed for 6 yrs. Is she a vulnerable victim or a terrorist that should go to prison?

IMO she should be put in prison for a lot longer…she surely knew what she was getting herself into and later had a change of heart when she realised the grass isn’t green in Syria. Her father was on the blower on LBC radio station spouting junk about how it was a set up by MI5 and MI6 and that given she wanted to return to the UK she’s shouldn’t be put in jail…and the sentence discourages other girls from coming back to the UK…

What are your thoughts?

The article says she went to join ISIS. I’d say that’s a little different than going to “practice her faith.”


What is she actually being jailed for? Joining a club and taking some pictures? Did she actually commit or facilitate any violent acts?

In the ohai/Trump 2020 campaign, I would probably be ok with banning people like this from entering the country for demonstrating sheer inability to make good decisions. But to be honest, I’m not sure why such a long prison sentence is warranted.

She aided enemies of the State. That’ll get you droned, bro.

Any kind of faith has the potential to turn people to suicide bombers as long as it`s not open to critisicm and self reflection.IMO islam is far ahead in the line of being subject to scrutiny.

What did she do to “aid” ISIS? Maybe I am just missing this part. The article just says she went to Syria, said a bunch of stuff, and took a picture of her kid. In the US, we call that free speech. So she is an idiot, but I am not sure if that is terrorism or a criminal act.

For me, I’d at the very least take the kid away. If you drag your child along to join ISIS in Syria you fail the “fit to be a parent” test. I think the UK, is going with “you joined a terrorist organization”. Similarly, being an accountant isn’t jailable, but being an accountant for ISIS probably is.

What is “joining a terrorist organization”? Do they have a photo copy of her signing the bylaws or something? I don’t think it is a legit accusation until she actually does something terroristy. Maybe in the UK they are more into clubs and class or something.

Agree that social services should look at that kid though.

I don’t know, for me this one’s close enough to not lose sleep over.