Must Read! Can she be talking about YOU?

* “Sorry, I’ve never taken the CFA, but what’s going to happen, when some real stress happens in your lives?” * “You think the CFA exams are hard? They’re for people who can’t take the pressure of the Actuarial exams.” awesome comments…lol “real” stress. granted this isnt life or death or health issues, but i consider this “real” actuarial exams are likely tougher than the CFA exams, but those guys are nerdy introverts

how did i miss this one! lol JerseyShorePatrol Today 12:05 PM GTL > CFA

you just beat me. I was planning to post this

the comments are classic.

Yeah. No sympathy for l3 candidates

Dealbreaker is AWESOME Love that site

CFA is not to blame. Obviously, the dude traded up and she didn’t know :wink:

Five years later, I bet we will laugh at ourselves…CFA==No Life.

“CFA’s are paid more or get hotter girls than non-CFAs.” This violates CFA Standards of conducts VII(B) in two ways at least. 1, CFA designation cannot be used as noun. 2, The poster claimed possessing CFA designation lets a person have hotter girls. There is no research supporting that.