Must read from CFAI text?

I started with CFAI textbooks during my first (casual) reading and in subsequent revisions read Schweser. Right now, I want to know the topics one should “definitely” study from CFAI. Really don’t want to miss out on anything important. Then again going through the whole stuff from CFAI again is not really on my mind.

I would recommend reading FSA, Corp Finance, Ethics and Derivatives from CFAI. Equities are covered quite well in Schwesers.

Read Derivatives for sure from CFAI. If at some point you feel the explanation is too long and youve grabbed the concept you could shift to Schweser. If youve read the material already, then just do CFAI questions to know where youve lost out when reading Schweser

I would re-read all the CFAI books, but only really read the sections of each reading that cover concepts they include in the summary at the end. I’ve found this a good way of sifting through “filler” material when you are making a second pass.