***MUST READ - Schweser volume 2 exam 2 a.m. (no spoiler)

Per the errata the vignette is missing a ton of info for questions 3 and 4, where you write an IPS for a college endowment. Unfortunately, I did not know this before taking the test. I assumed it while taking, but thought, well maybe I’m just supposed to know all this stuff based on spending rules, etc (although that’s for foundation, not endowment). huge waste of 30+ minutes that hopefully you avoid by having read this!

Thanks ng. How do you feel about tonight’s game? Pens up 2-0!!!..

Yeah, nice OT w for you guys. I’m feeling prettty good about tonight, but sure wish it was televised!

It isn’t??!! Why not?

Thanks ng for the heads up

I guess since there are only 2 channels that carry games, and one only on Sundays I think, and since there are 2 or 3 games tonight…

Can you hit up a friend with the NHL package or will it not be broadcast there either?

Not too many of my friends around here are into hockey. I live in Philly 'burbs, so don’t get Fox Sports Detroit.



ng, you have the errata in PDF form to email it to me? I’ve been trying to get hold of it and the schweser website asks for a login!! =(