Joey, How long should I stay with a multi-manager? With no internal money managers, I am basically NOT making direct calls myself. Willy

Wasn’t Dastardly Dan Mutli’s manager in his never-ending quest to, uh, do something to Penelope Pit-Stop?

I hate multi-manager anything, so while I am not sure your situation, I pretty much know what my answer will be.

I’m basically using this to upgrade my licensed to “Full” PM…to be honest…and that’s really the extent of it. I am fully planning to bail on the day my licensed turns 5 years old so I can make the one call to get upgraded to ICPM. Hey, life’s tough. I just hate working in a place where compliance is always reminding us “Now guys, make sure you don’t give direct advice or recommendations”. What a joke. Willy

Can I ask why you got bored at multimanger? no challenge? low paid ? I was told this field is pretty new, it may have good potential. so I am trying to move into multimanager. but compared with asset & Liability Mgt, or derivate / heding analyst. which one would have better potential and gain more respect? Math student.

multi manager for hedge funds right? multi manager for mutual funds doesn’t sound right.

No not a Hedge FOF a mutlie manager. It’s just not THAT exciting paying others to do “expert” work. Willy

Willy, just had a question about the whole concept of that. why not just do asset allocation and invest in passive indices rather then investing in MF managers. given the fact that fund managers under perform (70%), wouldn’t it be better to do asset allocation through indices instead. do you determine the asset allocation then choose the best manageer for each asset class?