Schweser implies that we don’t need to learn the calculation of MWRR as it is very less likely to be tested (because TWRR is a recommended method under GIPS). Do you guys agree? Of course, MWRR will be tested from the comparison standpoint with TWRR.

If they test it, imo, they’ll just make it the 15th day of a 30 day period. If so: Co = Beg Value CF1 = Cash Flow CF2 = (end value input as negative) IRR -> CPT

schweser is weird … whereevr it says the calculation isnt as important, i have seen many of those stuff tested in schweser practice volume 1 and 2.

The CFA text does however talk about Linked Internal Rate of Return (LIRR) which is a combo of TWR and MWR… So it could come up in that capacity. But i doubt they’ll be asking us to calculate anything like that… Probably discuss the strengths and weaknesses of each. Also understand the implications of each and in what circumstances MWR might actually be better than TWR. etc…

Yeah just run it through the calculator using the CF function and computer the IRR and you will be fine as long as the periods are equal.