1. Where is your thread on the 2006 exam regarding accounting for unrealized gains/realized gains for temporal/AC. It was posted today.,742063 Three pages deep. Think the exam is soon???

Ha. Why you’re here q34 in 2006 exam. When is there a situation where you accept a project with a negative NPV?

That isn’t part of the LOSs this year. It has to due with payback period. In the case of that question the payback period was 2 years but the life of the project was 3 years. So if you had good cash flows for 2 years you could meet your payback ,but huge negative cash flow in year 3 could make the project a neg. NPV.

I stopped reading after “That isn’t part of the LOSs this year”

Go back and read it. It took me awhile to type it…or give me a t-shirt.

Haha… I actually read it.