my 5th mock exam


I just finished my 5th mock exam (two from cfa ) and stil got 55% i get confused i spent 6 month prepared for this exam .

please advise me .



Any advice

What advice are you looking for exactly? You spent 6 months studying, that’s the case with most people. Most people also score just around where you’re scoring (if only just slightly above) going into the exam. With two days left, to be honest I doubt there’s a lot else you can do other than cross your fingers and hope for the best. Here’s something anecdotal that may make you hopeful: I found the mock exams I took for L1 to be markedly more challenging than the real exam.

Based on other people who have written and passed there is a common theme, just because you did well on Mocks does not guarantee you will pass and just because you have low scores on the mocks, does not mean you’ll fail. The only test score that means anything is the one you will write on Saturday.

Stay positive, try your best and at the very least learn from the experience so that you can come back stronger.

You’ve put in this much time, write the test (both, I don’t understand when people don’t show back up in the PM) and hope for the best… I hate to say it but you never know how many of your guesses could be right! It just may be your luck day.

Good Luck to you

If it makes you feel better, I’ve been prepping for 6 months and my scores are all over the map at the moment…but the one thing I have noticed, is that the mock that I did best on, was the one I took in the morning after not doing any studying the night before. Not suggesting you don’t study, but make sure you take some time to chill out. This is my first attempt at L1, but already I can tell that managing stress and going into it with a clear mind will be a big factor.

If you’re sitting for the exam on Saturday morning, my two cents would be to stop all studying after midday Friday.

There’s no way you can change your fate with 2 days left… Whatever happens will happen!

Agreed! I just finished all CFAI-mocks (in addition to several Schwesers), will spend some reviewing for the rest of the evening, tomorrow morning review some topics I usually score bad on, check ethics one last time and then just chill for the rest of the day.

There’s not much you can do on half a day given the huge amount of topics, so I think resting is the better option. Personally I have already accepted that ‘this is it’, one more day won’t significantly improve my chances of passing so we’ll just have to wait and see. No more stress!