My advice on GIPS..

Seriously all, what’s the most the CFAI is going whack y’all with on points here? 12? Here’s my advice: Rather than going nuts on every single requirement and dates, chillax. Really focus on Ethics and AMC because you KNOW you’ve got 18 points there and those carry more weight. If you don’t know what’s supposed to be in a basic GIPS presentation by now, you’re wasting your time on this, get your Ethics in order. Finally, and this is just my guess so take it at face value, if you wanna read some GIPS, I have a feeling they’re going to after the following points on GIPS: 1) real estate value calcs, or 2) real estate provisions, or 3) private equity provisions Again, just my guess. It’s far more manageable to hit these few areas rather than try to take in the whole code. Just trying to be helpful with a day to go!

plan for tomorrow: review essay portions for an exam, maybe 07, heard 06 was too easy read ethics from CFAI read AMC from CFAI try and read GIPS from CFAI drink, sleep… then into the lions den

My .02 - You gotta know a couple of the disclosures (e.g., frequency of composite construction & returns calcs). Ive seen those show up on more than 1 occasion. Aside from that, know the GIPS compliance statement, and the method of calculating returns + what you have already sterling. In an item set, knowing those is a lock on (worst-case scenario) 2 of 6.

They don’t have that much space so they will NOT include the fee schedule or percentage of non-fee paying accounts Always a hit.

^^ Non-fee paying is a must… when there are some non-fee paying accounts - not always the case… MH