My AM saved my PM

How many here has had the AM exam redeem the PM exam? I had my AM with 5 parts > 70 save my PM, with only 2 parts > 70.

PM was a curveball to me this year. I thought it was supposed to be easier. A lot of guesses for me there. I felt more confident with my morning session.

Who else had this experience?

I thought that my AM was at least 65+% however when I got my results (failed band 10) my AM was way worse than expected with 5 below 50! so I had the opposite effect

Did you notice a lot of “tricks” in the AM? Just dumbfounded that my AM was so bad.

Despite passing I too am dumbfounded at my poor am score.

There was an aspect to the format of the AM that surprised me but I won’t elaborate until they release the test to the candidates.

I know that I never wrote dollar signs of any kind so I could’ve lost marks for that? Also I am super messy at writing.

I didn’t really notice any tricks. It was pretty straightforward compared to the PM. The only way I could think would be if English isn’t one’s first language. That would be hard since, even though one may be fluent in English, some nuances can still be lost to the reader whose secondary language is English.

I guess it’s hard too that they demand a step-by-step process of checking in the essay. I would get videos that teach you how to check your own essay. You’d be surprised with what they score on. Schweser and Arif have those.

Someone covered the $ sign in an old thread… No, they aren’t required.

I have a similar experience that my AM saved by PM. Retaker, last year I had 9 out 10 > 70% in PM where this year it was only 5 q’s > 70%. The difference was this year I had 3 Q’s > 70% which was none last year. Without a decent AM performance I would not have crossed the finish line this year!

I swear they said otherwise (about the $€¥£). Thanks! Must’ve just misunderstood in a fit of negativity.