My Best CFA Investment

No it wasn’t Schweser, or Stala, or my TIBA.

It was the Bose Quiet Comfort Head Sets. I bought these things three years ago and they are still going strong. I use them whenever I study anything, whenever I travel (which is a ton). I highly recommend them.

If anyone has any other head sets that they think are even better than these I am very keen to learn more.

I have a couple of sets from Audio Technica which are equally impressive as Bose but they cost around $125 if I remember correctly. They have paid for themselves many times on flights with screaming babies.

Beats by Dre

Audio Technica is probably the best quality per money. You can get a pretty good pair of head phones for about $100 or less.

Foam earplugs, 20¢.

I have a pair of Ultimate Ears earbuds. They seal out noise well and produce AMAZING music.

A pair of Sony noise canceling earbuds + WhiteNoise app for the iPhone.

My MM550 Sennheiser noise cancelling bluetooth ftw all day