My bitch is bad and bougie (Bad)! Sample Sale at Lovella Bridal! What should be her budget. I was thinking 6k dress for 2k.

Ay mijo!!! All sales final and alterations not included!!! :innocent:

i think its like an additional 700 for alterations.good point. mebbe 5k.

Just make sure the dress is easy to get on/off. My wife’s wedding dress had these really fancy buttons/straps (not sure what they were to be honest) and they were really difficult to undue.

$5K for a DRESS?!?!

Nerdy - you do know of the correlation between money spent on a wedding & divorce right?

its actually if you spend 25k all in or more for the wedding. i am budgeted at 20k. all in which amazing consider the avg is 39k in los angeles.

lol not at that place. maybe at fashion nova during black friday!

also i aint paying for the dress! yall crazy.

$20k? I’d budget $1k alone for the Lechon, right?

nahh no lechon its catered! plus we got 3 hours of booze. get krunked!!!

pretty lit ay?

is dis opposite of crazy rich asian. like crazy poor asian

you cut me deep bruh!


So lit bro. Wait is this the bitcoin guy’s banquet hall? No wonder the price is low, it is the good friend discount. Without you, he’d be such a cuck. Such a shrewd negotiator Nery.

no caviar? u gotta have caviar

Not bitcoins. Bitcoin was going to charge me 5k for food but no alcohol vs 10k for food and alcohol. Ultimately I think the 10k offered far better value in terms of location, quality, size, and service. This is my buddy’s banquet hall:

it can do about 200. But it’d be tight. I would have preferred this since I save money but my parents too boujee. if you check it on google maps you’ll actually see the porn shop they used to have there. Pretty funny stuff. Lastly, i don’t like caviar. I tried it at this super balling place in aspen. I prefer crabs and lobster. I wonder why I couldn’t just throw the wedding at some ayce vegas style buffett. Cheaper food and better value.

Ay, mijo!!! Vegas is a 4-5 drive from LA, isn’t it??? And the 15 must be a disaster on the weekends!!!

Too bad you missed on the savings, but you have to have some standards when you are a boujee. Maybe you can do it there for your second wedding, amiright??

i’ll be richer,prolly a millionaire so i’ll spend more. unless im retired in some poor place. i heard in teh philippines a good wedding costs 5k for something similar to what i am doing in the us.

lol i wanted to a wedding at vegas. i heard weddings there can cost 1k. thats literaaly cheaper than the catholic church. elope if you can my boys.

Is this the shop with the ad, “an educated consumer is our best customer”?