My Books Come Today

And they are going to sit in that box until I am good and ready to pull them out.

i pulled them out. i smelled them. i slept with them. i’m in love.

I’ve started reading them today. A good read but frigg’in long (so used to Schweser) I am considering the old college method. Skip the reading, start by answering the questions at the end of the chapter and sifting through to find your answer. Anybody know if this is a good method in CFA learning? Or advise against it?

I’d advise against that method because you are betting that the end of chapter questions are a comprehensive review of all LOS. They might not test every definition and concept and you will miss subtleties.

Second XSellSide. That was my approach for L1 and it made for a very, very tense test day. Count on a fail if you don’t read the readings or at least a condensation.

How about this strategy: For all topics except portfolio Management: Read the Schweser notes and use the CFAI text only for questions and questions not covered by SChweser. For Portfolio Management: Only CFAI.

Why don’t you try the CFAI method: Read the LOS and look through the reading to answer them?

damm, there is Ethics again!!!..why can’t they just teach us some mathematical finance instead of forcing us to be ethical charterholders.

Hello everybody, I am back after a long long holiday and found the CFAI books waiting for me at home when I arrived. I am a fan of CFAI books. I would rather read a good long text once instead of reading a bad summary of it ten times.

I dont like the books, there is no break down @ level III. In level II I could say I am going to do FSA this month or Econ this week. With level III your only choice is to do Portfolio managment for 4 months… Buggggeer