My calculator is wrong?

Not sure whats going on but my calculator TI BA II Plus (this is the right one for cfa right?) isn’t calculating NPV right N =10 PMT =100 FV =1000 I/Y = 8 the answer in the book is -1134.20 im getting 1718.68 here is what im pressing in order: 2nd, FV (clear TVM) 10, N 100, PMT 1000, FV 8, IY CPT, FV Also will the LCD screen start to fade when batteries are going to run out or does it just die? It would be a waste of the last few months if my calc died…

you should be using ‘CPT PV’ not ‘CPT FV’ to compute the present value my calculator says PV=-1134.20

weird reset it it works fine now… just gotta remember how to increase the decimal places

how many decimal places you guys usuually work with? Its weird, I am not use to this decimal place stuff. I am more used to the scientific calulator precision. I have mine set to 4 decimal places now.

yep 4 here too … although it kinda gets difficult when you calculate portfolio variance